Sex in the car - making magic on board the caravans of love

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Here is a little “carma sutra” to power the piston-pounding action of carnal knowledge on your private highway to sexual satisfaction. 

The Kama Sutra is a lot older than the car. The sacred Indian text compiled by the ancient Indian philosopher Mallanaga Vatsyayang has been around for more than 22 centuries, while the less sacred automobile as we know it is less than 150 years old. 

The auto in question was the Benz Patent Motor Car, whose specification was accepted in 1886 as a three-wheeled vehicle with engine, chassis and drive components matched to each other to constitute a unified machine. 

Eight years later, the first volume-built car, called Velo (short for Motor Velocipede) and also designed by Carl Benz, started sharing the roads with horses and carts. It was described as “light, fast, robust” and its refined appointments included lanterns.

There is no known historical record of the earliest motorists lighting their fire in other ways with passengers of the opposite sex. But the car, along with its progressive advancements in comfort and technology, greatly expanded the possibilities when it came to making out in a vehicle. 

Here, then, is our little “carma sutra”, where we cover the basics of in-car coitus and uncover the joys/pains of hitting the road with your sex drive in overdrive.  

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Amorous couples are familiar with the classic phrase “Get a room!”, which is turned on its head with the vehicular version. Either way, public displays of affection might be just a touch or two away from soft porn performed live for free, so it’s advisable to bring the action to behind closed doors before it becomes a pubic display of affection.  

The doors in this case belong to the cabin of a car - not a hotel room, home bedroom, office meeting room, or some cabin in the woods. 

The best part is how mobile a “vroom” is compared to a room. Instead of a love motel somewhere in Manila, the two lovebirds can take their love onto “Route 66” and make their love almost anywhere, as long as it’s accessible by car. 

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The interior of a car is a shared space for everybody on board, and also a shag space for mainly two bodies who are into each other. If the car is spacious enough, it could even accommodate a threesome, foursome, or some other awesome combination of people in compromising positions. 

The car type that accommodates the greatest variety of “park & f**k” positions is a three-row MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). If it’s an MPV derived from a full-blown van with huge cargo space and a high roof, it will be even more accommodating of onboard sexercise. 

Bonus MPV features to facilitate multi-position love-making include centre-row seats which can swivel to face the rear, a pair of captain’s chairs for mile-high clubbers at ground level, and a sunroof that opens skywards for additional acrobatic options in the heat of the moment. A set of curtains would be welcome, too.  

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You don’t actually require the six or seven seats of an MPV in order to try out different satisfying positions with your regular/random sex partner - you only need one good seat for great sex. 

The driver’s seat is the good seat by default. Slide it all the way rearwards, lower the backrest and the two of you are good to go wild in the cockpit. 

The steering wheel and dashboard won’t get in the way of the agile, who would happily use the said areas as leverage for bodily balance while grinding - such as feet arched on dashtop, or hands on his wheel and her waist. 

If the entire cabin including the backseat and floorboard is used, the positions really open up for your two-pax MPV (multi-position vigour). 

Discuss it with your other half, adopt the position and get it on inside the car - missionary for dummies, doggy style without being dodgy, cowgirl or its Brokeback Mountain cowboy equivalent, spooning, scissoring, or simply 69. You name it, you do it, you enjoy. 

If your chosen spot for practical lessons in “carma sutra” is isolated/secluded enough, you could pop open a door or two to expand the va-va-voom from inside the car to beside it too, which will make it even more sexciting. 

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